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Merchandise Preparation


  • Hangers – Child-size wire hangers are ideal. Plastic hangers are allowed, but keep in mind that safety pins cannot easily fit around them when hanging pants. Adult wire hangers work well for many items and many dry cleaners will give them to you free of charge.
  • Safety Pins – Safety pins must be used to hang pants on hangers and pin price tags on clothing.
  • White Cardstock – Price tags must be printed on white cardstock available at Office Depot, HEB, Target, etc in a package or by the individual sheet at Hobby Lobby. We recommend 60-67 lb. weight - sturdier tags are more likely to stay attached to your items. WE CANNOT ACCEPT TAGS PRINTED ON LIGHTWEIGHT COPY/PRINTER PAPER.
  • Zipper bags
  • Clear packing tape

Price Tags

After you register for the sale, you will create your price tags using our online tagging system. You MUST use 60-67 lb. cardstock when printing your price tags. Bar codes must be straight and clear – please see the example tag. If you are using a color printer, please change your printer settings to print black only – this will result in a clearer barcode. Place clear packing tape over your tag (BUT NOT COVERING THE BARCODE) to prevent fraud. We will not accept tags that have been crossed out, scribbled on, etc. – if you need to make changes, you must print a new tag. Tags must be safety pinned to the upper right corner of clothing.

When creating your price tags, you will see option boxes to check to either include your items in the 50% off sale or to donate your unsold items to charity at the end of the sale. Unsold items that are designated for donation will be donated one of two ways. First, items designated for donation will be available for sale to Consignors, Volunteers, and Registered First Time Moms ONLY during the Dollar Dash 3:30-4p.m. on Sunday, September 8th (immediately following the Half Price Sale).  All remaining items designated for donation - items that do not sell during the Dollar Dash - will be donated. You will be able to identify donated items in your online consignor account.  Please remember that all unsold items that are not picked up by 8:00 p.m. on Sunday, September 8th become property of Good As New Sale and will be donated.


  • $2 Rule – All items must be a minimum of $2. If you have items that are less than $2, group them together so that their value is a minimum of $2. For example, a single onesie might not sell for $2, but four onesies grouped together will.
  • Use only $.50 increments when pricing.
  • In general, price your items 75% off retail.
  • Higher-end clothing items will go for more – Gymboree, Ralph Lauren, etc. Larger items – children’s furniture, strollers, etc. will sell for more as well. You may download our suggested pricing guidelines here.


  • All hanging garments must be a minimum of $2. You may combine items – a shirt and pants, for example – to make the minimum $2 price.
  • All clothing must be on hangers with the exception of onesies and pajamas, which must be in zipper bags.
  • Only Fall/Winter  items will be accepted for the September sale.
  • Only spring/summer garments will be accepted for the February sale.
  • All garments must be hung with the hanger facing left like a ?.
  • Price tags should be attached to the top right corner of the garment with a safety pin.
  • Single pants should be safety pinned to the hanger on either side.
  • Shirt and pants/skirt combinations should have the shirt on the hanger with the pants pinned to the shoulder area of the shirt (through the hanger).

  • If your garment is sized S, M, L, please estimate a numeric size – our racks will be labeled by numeric size only.
  • No clothing with pilling, fading, stains, tears or holes will be accepted. Check your items in sunlight – this will help you identify stains.
  • All clothing must be clean; in addition, a little ironing will greatly improve the appearance of your items and will make them more likely to sell.
  • Check your items for repair; trim loose threads, secure loose buttons and make sure all zippers and snaps are in working order.
  • Clothing must be current fashion – less than five years old as a general rule.

Toys, Furniture, and Gear

  • All toys, furniture & gear must be working, clean and include all parts.
  • Any item that requires batteries must include working batteries.
  • Small parts must be included in a zipper bag and attached to the item with clear packing tape. Be careful when taping the bag to the item so that the tape does not cause damage.
  • Games, puzzles, etc. must include all pieces and be secured in boxes with clear packing tape or tied securely shut.
  • No stuffed animals unless battery operated (Tickle Me Elmo, etc.). REMEMBER to include working batteries.
  • Stuffed animals/Pillow Pets must be clean & washed. Battery operated animals (Tickle Me Elmo, etc.). MUST to include working batteries.
  • Car seats must include their date sticker and be less than five years old; any car seat missing its date sticker will not be accepted.

CDs, DVDs, Video Games, Etc.

  • We will display CD & DVD CASES ONLY to prevent theft.
  • Please print two copies of the price tags for each CD, DVD, video game or other media. Using a DVD as an example, tape one copy of the price tag to the DVD case, then place the actual DVD in a zipper bag and tape the second price tag to the bag. When you bring your merchandise to the sale, we will place the case in the appropriate display area and hold the DVD in a secure area behind the cash registers until purchase is made.

Accessories, Loose Items, Etc.

  • Loose items must be placed in zipper bags; we recommend grouping items together to meet the $2 minimum.
  • Tape the zipper bags closed with clear packing tape to prevent children from reaching in.
  • Price Tag should be taped to the outside of the zipper bag with clear packing tape. REMEMBER, do not tape over the barcode.
  • Acceptable accessories include bows, bibs, rattles, headbands, maternity bras, onesies, diaper covers, etc.
  • Non-acceptable accessories include underwear or panties unless new and in original packaging.

Children's Shoes

  • We accept children’s size shoes newborn – youth size 4.
  • All shoes – including laces – must be in excellent condition.
  • All shoes must be tied in pairs with either shoelaces or ribbon (curling ribbon – the kind used for wrapping presents – works great!).
  • Price tags must be attached to the laces with a safety pin, or the shoes must be placed in a zipper bag with the price tag attached with clear packing tape.
  • Any shoes not in excellent condition will be pulled from the floor and returned to you at pick up.

Maternity Items

  • Maternity items must be in excellent condition and of current style (less than five years old, as a general rule).
  • Items with fading, pilling, stains, tears, holes, etc. will not be accepted.
  • Hang items on a hanger and secure with safety pins if necessary (if a top has a large scoop neck, we recommend safety pins to prevent it from ending up on the floor).
  • We accept nursing bras, breast pumps and other maternity-related items. We do not accept maternity panties unless they are new in the original packaging.

Helpful Hints

  • For infant clothing (newborn – 24m), whole outfits sell better than individual items.
  • Pull out your iron! Touching up your items with a little ironing will greatly improve the look and marketability – remember that your items will be hung amongst many others – you want them to stand out!
  • Make sure you tape all zipper bags closed with clear packing tape – once bags are opened, it is nearly impossible to match the items with the packaging. We will have a lost & found area for these items during pick up.
  • Child-size wire hangers are the best for sizes 3T and under.
  • Button Buttons & Snap Snap!!