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Buyer Questions

Q: When are the sales?
A: We have sales twice a year. Our fall sale is in August or September and features fall and winter clothing. Our spring sale is in February or March and features spring and summer clothing. In addition to clothing, both sales include toys, gear and furniture.

Q: Where is the sale located?
A: The sale is at the 125 North Star Dr. – Victoria All Star Dance Academy. (Large black building behind Schlotzsky’s) There is close parking and easy access to restrooms.

Q: Is there an entry fee?
A: Early Shopping on Friday requires $2.00 per person admission. See Calendar for Times. The sale is Open FREE to the Public on Saturday and Sunday.

Consignor Questions

Q: Who can be a consignor?
A: Anyone with children’s or maternity items and access to a computer may consign them for sale with Good as New. A minimum of 20 priced items, or $50 of merchandise, is required.

Q: What percentage of my sales do I receive?
A: As a consignor, you will receive 65% of your sales less a $10 consignor fee that will paid at time of registration. We offer an additional 10% of your sales if you volunteer for at least one 4 hour shift (plus you get to shop at the earliest pre-sale if you volunteer!). See our Consignor Page and Volunteer Page for more information.

Q: How are prices set?
A: You set the prices for your items – and you get to decide if your item is discounted for the half-price sale. See our Pricing Guide for suggested price points.

Q: How many of my items should I expect to sell?
A: We estimate that 75% of items sized 2-10 will sell. Infant items – size 0-24M – tend to decrease because many people receive these sizes as baby gifts. Sizes over 10 decrease in sales as well as children have more of an opinion about what they wear.

Q: How do I sign up to consign?
A: Just click on the Register/Login link to get started!

Q: When do I pick up my unsold items?
A: Check out our Drop Off/Pick Up page for sale pick up times.

Q: How do I find my unsold items?
A: We will sort your unsold hanging items for you prior to the pick up time. If we have enough volunteers, we will try to have your other items sorted as well.

Q: When will I receive my check?
A: We will mail your check within 14 days of the end of the sale.

Q: How do I know which item has sold?
A: When you register as a consignor, the software will create a list – or inventory – of items you are selling. At the end of each sale day, we will download the items sold to our website and your inventory will be updated to reflect which items have sold. At the close of the sale you may use this list to itemize donations, should you choose to donate any unsold items.

Q: What items can I sell?
A: We sell anything related to babies, children and maternity. The clothing must be current season for the sale – i.e. only fall/winter clothes in the September sale, only spring/summer clothes in the March sale. We also accept toys, books, videos, nursery items, children/infant furniture, strollers, etc. We WILL NOT sell car seats that or more than five years old or any items not working or stained. We will only accept  underwear/panties if they are new with the original tags or packaging still intact.

Q: Do you take shoes?
A: We will accept shoes in sizes newborn – youth 4. Shoes must be in EXCELLENT condition, including shoelaces. Shoes must be tied together with shoelaces, tied together with ribbon (curling ribbon is great), or sealed in a zipper bag.

Volunteer Questions

Q:  Do you have to be a consignor to volunteer?
A:  No! Anyone is welcome to volunteer; we will fill shifts on a first come, first served basis. Click here to sign up

Q:  How long are the volunteer shifts?
A:  Please see the Volunteer page for details on shifts.

Q:  Is childcare provided for volunteers?
A:  No.

Q:  Can I volunteer if I’m pregnant?
A:  Please let us know if you are pregnant and we will try to accommodate you with a volunteers shift that is less physical; please do not sign up for set up or break down shifts.

Pre-Sale Questions

Q:  Who gets to shop at the pre-sale?
A:  Consignors, volunteers, and Registered First Time Parents get to shop at the pre-sale.

Q: Can I bring someone with me to the pre-sale?
A:  Each volunteer receives one pre-sale wristband per shift and each consignor receives one pre-sale wristband – if you are a consignor that also volunteers, you will trade your consignor wristband for a volunteer wristband. If you are a consignor that volunteers for two shifts, you will receive two volunteer pre-sale wristbands.

Q: Are we allowed to bring children to the presale?
A: No children are allowed at presale unless you are wearing them in a carrier or sling.