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Want to earn EASY money? Sell your children’s gently used clothing, toys and gear at Good as New’s seasonal consignment sale. It’s like a giant garage sale – without all the hassle!

What is a Seasonal Consignment Sale?

Good As New seasonal consignment sales are scheduled in the spring and the fall. We provide a venue and lots of advertising to sell your gently used children’s clothing, shoes, gear, furniture and toys – even maternity clothes!

You set the price for your own items and deliver them to the consignment sale location – we advertise and manage the sale. After the sale, you collect 65% of your sales less a $10 consignor fee. Checks are mailed to you within 14 days or to receive your money even faster, you can opt for payment via PayPal - it couldn't be easier!

Why Consign?

  • Earn 65% of your sales on items you already have! Everyone with kids has outgrown clothing, toys that are no longer played with or DVDs that are seldom watched. Turn that clutter into CASH!
  • Shop our Pre-sale! As a consignor, you will receive a wristband for access to our fabulous consignor pre-sale before the doors open to the general public Friday evening. For more information about our pre-sales, click here.
  • Shop the Dollar Dash! Any unsold items that are marked for donation will be sold for $1 per item to Consignors, Volunteers, and First-Time Parents ONLY after the sale is closed. As a Consignor, you will receive a wristband for access to the Dollar Dash!

Items We Accept:

  • Girls Clothing (Newborn to Size 14)
  • Boys Clothing (Newborn to Size 16)
  • Baby Equipment (Strollers, Exersaucers, High Chairs, etc.)
  • Baby and Children’s Furniture
  • Toys & Costumes
  • Children’s Media (Books, Games, DVDs, etc.)
  • Shoes (0 to Youth size 4)
  • Maternity Clothing
  • Cribs with manufacture date after June 28, 2011
  • Party Décor/Supplies 
  • DVD's, Books, Cd's, puzzles & games
  • Outdoor Play equipment & toys
  • Stuffed animals & pillows (cleaned & washed)

Items We Do Not Accept:

  • VHS Tapes
  • Underwear (unless new with tags or in original packaging)
  • Clothing Over Five Years Old
  • Clothing With Stains, Tears or Pilling
  • "Freebie" items – free car seats from the hospital, t-shirts from events, Happy Meal toys, etc.
  • Cribs with manufacture date before June 28, 2011
  • Car seats that are 5 years old or older or expired
  • Recalled Items (ex. Bumbos) 

Consignor Fee

Consignors receive 65% of their sales less a $10  fee, paid upon registration.

Consignor Minimum

We ask that you provide at least 20 items for consignment or at least $50 of merchandise.

Consignor Rules

  • $2 Rule – All items must be a minimum of $2. If you have items that are less than $2, group them together so that their value is a minimum of $2. For example, a single onesie might not sell for $2, but four onesies grouped together will
  • All clothing must be on hangers with the exception of onesies and pajamas, which may be in Ziploc bags and taped to a hanger with clear packing tape. Keep in mind buyers like to look at the clothing so, you can also hang each item and them tie the hangers together with ribbon or rubber bands.

  • Hangers must be facing left like a ?.
  • Tags must be attached to the upper right corner of the garment with a safety pin. A tagging gun may be used. Please pin/tag through a seam as to not damage the item.
  • Pants must be securely attached by using safety pins or tagging gun. Pants must be attached to the hanger on the top portion of the hanger so that the pants do not slide from side to side. 

  • All tagging is done online with our easy bar-coding program
    • 60-67 lb. cardstock is preferred for tagging - heavier tags hold up better during the sale - WE CANNOT ACCEPT TAGS PRINTED ON LIGHTWEIGHT COPY/PRINTER PAPER
    • Bar code print quality must be clear and straight
    • All items will be checked for quality at drop off – any items that do not meet the following guidelines will be pulled from the floor and returned at pick up
    • No stains, holes or tears
    • No pilling or fading
    • No clothes over five years old
    • Fall & winter clothing only for the fall sale, spring & summer clothing only for the spring sale
    • Items requiring batteries MUST include working batteries
    • Shoes must be in excellent condition
    • Toys & baby equipment must be clean – use Clorox wipes and toothbrushes to get them clean
    • Puzzles & games must be complete – no missing pieces – with boxes taped shut. Wrapping puzzles in saran wrap works well.